Funeral Options

What type of service should I have?
The type of service conducted for the deceased is specified by the family. Funeral directors are trained to help families arrange the type of service they desire. The service is usually held at a place of worship or at the funeral home. The service may vary in ritual according to religious denomination or the wishes of the family. The presence of friends at this time is an acknowledgement of friendship and support. A private service is by invitation only where selected relatives and a few close friends attend the funeral service. A memorial service is usually a service without the body present and can vary in ceremony and procedures according to the family's community and religious affiliations.

Can Services be Prearranged?
Yes, services can be prearranged through a funeral home and can be prepaid if you wish.

What is a prepaid service?
When you prearrange your funeral, the funeral director records your wishes to be carried out at the time of death. These instructions are kept on file at the funeral home until they are needed. If you are going to make an informed choice when you prearrange your funeral, you need to: know what you want; how much you can afford to pay; if guarantees are provided on merchandise and services; what happens if you move and want to change funeral homes; and if you are protected against inflation.

It is not compulsory to pay in advance for prearranged funerals. However, pre-payment offers many advantages. This option allows you to pay for tomorrow's funeral in today's dollars. It also provides peace of mind in knowing that financial obligations will not be placed upon your estate or your next-of-kin.

You may prearrange and prepay services and supplies by means of a contract between you and the funeral establishment.

What happens to my money?
You have two options either it is held in trust for you at a bank, trust company, credit union or you may have the option to purchase an insurance policy.

Is cremation a substitute for a funeral?
No, cremation is an alternative to earth burial or entombment for the body's final disposition and often follows a traditional funeral service. Your Funeral Home can assist you with the necessary information for a funeral with a cremation following or a memorial service.

Is a casket required by law for cremation?
No. However, if a casket is not used, crematoriums require that the body be enclosed in a rigid container of combustible material.

Can I have a visitation period and a funeral service if cremation is chosen?
Yes. Cremation does not preclude having a visitation period and a funeral service. Cremation is simply one option for final disposition of the body.

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